O/phelia, Imagining O


 Agape is an actress, thinker, creator, poet, righteous cause supporter, translator, improver, director, lover, sister, daughter, model, teacher, organizer, occasional improviser, dancer, hero, bruja, reader, prankster, activist, diviner, writer, muse, hiker, backpacker, future-present rockstar…

In addition, she holds an M.A. in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she developed her craft as an experimental performer. She has most recently worked with Bella Lux Entertainment’s Cirque de Lux, Richard Schechner and Benjamin Mosse in Imagining O (NJ), Erin Mee in This Is Not A Theater Company’s podplay Ferry Play (NYC), Leila Adu in her music video Love Cells (NYC), Pablo Reyes in his music video Duna (NYC), and performed at Gloria Muriel’s opening of Xanadu (San Diego). She is the Co-Founder of The Grace Period Blog, a platform that speaks, yells, and dances at the student debt crisis in the USA; their most reviewed work, which she also co-created, is The SM Cabaret: Slaves of Sallie Mae. .

Agape also devises rituals, altars, and ceremonies for all purposes and occasions and by intuition only.


Circus BarkerCirque de Lux  2019 with Bella Lux Entertainment 

Duna – Duna (music video – 2016) by Pablo Reyes.

Co-Founder/Artistic Directorwww.TheGracePeriodBlog.com

Love cell – Love Cells (music video) by Leila Adu.

Harried Mom – Ferry Play. This Is Not A Theater Company presents a Pod Play for the Staten Island Ferry! Written by Jessica Bear and Directed by Erin Mee. Available for Android and iPod.

Ensemble World Performance. Directed by Patricia Ariza at CUNY Graduate Center.

Ophelia/O – Imagining O. This East Coast Artists production was co-directed by Richard Schechner and Benjamin Mosse, movement by Roanna Mitchell. Imagining O opened the Peak Performances 2014-2015 season, at the Alexander Kasser Theater.

MCThe SM Cabaret: Slaves of Sallie Mae. A cabaret show about the Student Debt Crisis devised by The Grace Period Blog. (Read a review here) Watch a clip here!

Bruja – Altar para Veracruz y Todas las Tierras. An intuition-based offering for the healing of my homeland and all lands. This all-denominational and participatory altar began at The Outer Room’s show Echoes of your Dusty Roots curated by Liz Lorenz.

Agape – The Committal. Directed by Derick Sherrier and devised by Chamaeleo Theater.

CEO – www.Gabaccia.com

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