Tonight, we offer you, our astral mother, our moon in full: our blessings, our, energy, our sweat and movement, and our surrender.

We have gathered on this night together, to let go and release.

We let go of self-inflicted uncertainties. As our world fast changes around us, we chose to have control, to find our anchors, and embody stability.

We let go of plans and surrender to the bigger cycle which daily unfolds before our eyes.

We let go of disappointments in those who have failed us. We never needed them and we don’t need them today.

We let go of the shadows we cast upon ourselves, of our fears and self-doubts. We surrender to our gifts and capabilities, and we commit to working hard at the new skills we want to learn.

We let go of wanting “to get back on track.” There is no going back, only forward. We have the power to start a new better path of our own.

We let go of the fear of not knowing how and we acknowledge that the now is always the right moment to know or to not know.